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I don't know if you can consider Christmas stockings ornaments but... WHATEVER IT'S CUTE! xD

This is Rose and Near as chibis, kissing. xD The entire time I did this I was experimenting with the Oil paint tool in SAI and trying to see what sort of style I could come up with. The results were very interesting so I decided to use the technique for the entire thing, which means that yes, there is no shading and it's not really realistic or very detailed, but I really think it turned out well. The yellow light is coming from the lit candle on the mantle of the fireplace which is cut off. :3 I thought it looked a bit plain even after that so I decided to try and make it look like a picture being taken or a camera was recording them. xD Basically the entire thing was a successful (I hope) experiment and I may have learned how to make some new interesting things. >u> So enjoy~!


I DID NOT USE A BASE FOR THIS, I TRACED IT MYSELF. I say this because there's a base similar to this, but I didn't like it so I chose to trace over the original image instead. Please don't accuse me of stealing a base, thanks. If the original artist of the original picture does not like their work being traced over and then turned into something else I will gladly take it down without hesitation. Thanks. The base is here as further proof: [link] Our pictures are nothing alike. :3
Rose OC/Drawing: *TheLoneRestlessRose:iconthelonerestlessrose:
Near (Sadly): Takashi Ohba & Tsugumi Obata
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December 10, 2012
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